Television personality and angry tweeter Gavin Newsom, who once wrote a book on how to use social media, must have had a temporary lapse in brain function today. While attempting to use the social media service to lure in potential interview victims for his new show, the former mayor mistakenly harassed some unsuspecting gentleman in Scotland instead of intended target Congressman Paul Ryan.

First, this morning's misfire, apparently directed at the congressman:

Upon realizing his mistake ten minutes later, Gavin gave it a second try, only to screw it up again:

Sure, Gavin will probably chalk this one up to that goddamned autocorrect or something. But Search Engine Optimization expert and "maker of things" Paul Rollo is probably wondering why the well-coifed gentleman in California won't leave him alone. (We also suspect there may be some hair envy.)

The real Representative Paul Ryan, meanwhile, probably wouldn't have noticed the message anyway — the guy hasn't tweeted in a month. More importantly, shouldn't Gavin have an agent to handle this kind of thing?

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Gavin Newsom Banging Out a Book on Social Media in Politics