A 22-year-old Richmond man was convicted today of first-degree murder in the shooting death of 19-year-old Lawon Hall outside Club Suede on February 7, 2010. The shooting caused an uproar about nightlife safety, and resulting in the closing of the club despite the incident happening outside on the sidewalk. The San Francisco Superior Court jury found Keandre Davis guilty of the murder, which also left three other people injured.

Two men were said to have approached Hall outside the club that night and shot him over a dozen times. Davis was detained after an officer on the scene witnessed the shooting, pursued Davis, and shot him that night. A man suspected of being the second shooter was never charged. Prosecutors used a gun found nearby with Davis' prints on it, and eyewitness testimony to convict him. Davis' defense attorney claimed that he had been misidentified by the officer that night, and that he and Hall were longtime friends with no feud.

Davis now faces 50 years to life in prison.