After revisiting Bay to Breakers of yore in Alamo Square, KRON 4's pitch-perfect newsman Stanley Roberts returned to the race course this weekend to do what he does best: catch People Behaving Badly for his aptly named news segment. This time around, Stanley goes straight for the #1 issue and films pretty much everyone who shunned the legions of portable toilets in favor of some en plein air peeing.

Roberts' assessment of this year's event? "Before anyone starts saying the 2012 Bay to Breakers was calmer, apparently were living in a bubble." (Sidenote: what?) Officially, however, only 19 people were arrested and countless others, like this Guy Fieri-looking dude at that 40-second mark, received citations for indecency, drunk in public or public urination. Here's Part One of People Behaving Badly, 2012 Bay to Breakers Edition.

We'll be sure to keep you posted when Part 2 is, um... released.