Mark Zuckerberg and longtime med student girlfriend Priscilla Chan got major status updates today as the pair celebrated Zuck's becoming a bajillionaire and crashing the Nasdaq with a small, 100-person wedding in the backyard of his home in Palo Alto. And look, he even put on a tie!

Guests at the wedding apparently thought they were attending a house party to celebrate Chan's graduation from UCSF Medical School. (She graduated, coincidentally, on Zuckerberg's birthday on Monday.) Casual Facebook stalking of the generally secretive couple reveals that Ms. Chan used to teach elementary school science, she shares a dog named Beast with her new husband, and we have one friend in common.

Mark designed the wedding ring, which was "a very simple ruby," according to one guest who had to be authorized to speak to the AP. The two have been together for 9 years, ever since the days when a young Zuck still thought he had a future at Harvard.

No word yet on any pre-nuptial agreement, but we bet Zuckerberg will be keeping that info to himself. Wouldn't want public knowledge of legal agreement to overshadow his surely magical post-IPO wedding day, after all.