It seems that each year or so we get another claim about the true identify and/or whereabouts of the Zodiac Killer. Today another claim presents itself for your consideration: According to former California Highway Patrol officer Lyndon Lafferty, who wroite a new true (?) crime book titled The Zodiac Killer Cover Up, the infamous 1970s serial killer, now an alleged 92-years-old, is alive and living in Solano County. "No doubt in my mind at all. I would say that I am 95 positive we have the right man," Laferty explained to CBS 5. "I know for a fact that he does."

Lafferty along with six other former cops have been investigating the alleged suspect through Solano County for decades, and have watched him "marry and even attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings." He goes on to blame a cover-up by the judge (who was having an affair with the suspect's wife, we're supposed to believe), local sheriffs, and district attorneys. This is why the real Zodiac hasn't been prosecuted. Will Lafferty tell us the name of the man he is 95-perfect certain murdered at least 37 people in the Bay Area? Nope. He refuses to name names in his book, explaining that he doesn't want to put a target on the back of a 92-year-old man.

Back in 2009, if you recall, a local attorney held a press conference at City Hall to declare the Zodiac Killer to be some guy named Guy Ward Hendrickson. Hendrickson, dead at the time of the announcement, allegedly took his daughter, Deborah Perez, along with him for the murders. That revealing moment turned out to be more fantasy than fact.

Watch CBS 5 report below: