Though he hasn't held elected office in well over a year, Chris Daly's mug is still being co-opted by more conservative candidates to represent the "zany ideas" and "guerrilla tactics" of S.F.'s progressives, like banning Happy Meals and yellow pages. As Mission Local shows us, voters in the California State Assembly's 19th District (which includes western parts of the city along with Daly City, Colma, and part of South S.F.) have recently gotten a mailer from Assembly candidate and multi-generation San Franciscan (and son of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer), Michael Breyer.

Breyer serves on the Public Library Commission, and he comes from a family of S.F. politicos — his great-grandfather was a city supervisor and his grandfather served on the school board. In other words, he represents Old San Francisco, and he characterizes Daly's ilk as "the Other San Francisco" on the mailer.

Anyway, it's fascinating to see Daly still being used as a political weapon, and we suppose, for what it's worth, he's more recognizable as a negative scare-tactic than Breyer is as a candidate. (Meanwhile, Daly's still tending bar at Buck Tavern, across from Zuni, lying in wait until, we suppose, he decides to run for office again. We hear the Sheriff's job might be coming available.) We'll see if this ends up working in Breyer's favor in winning that Assembly seat on June 5.

[Mission Local]