Today in easily condensed magazine articles: Fast Company has unleashed their list of the 100 Most Creative People In Business. Besides making for an easy read, Fast Company's list gives us our daily affirmation that San Francisco is still a town full of creative-thinking business types (and business-minded creative types). Local honorees on the tech-heavy list include everything from the usual suspects (hello, Twitter) to an unexpectedly disruptive local grocery store.

Top honors for locals aren't too suprising: Facebook's Head of Consumer Marketing, Rebecca Van Dyck nabs the #2 spot, and Silicon Valley VC fund cofounder Ben Horowitz cracked the top ten at #8.

Looking further down the list, a few other locals get nods for their hard work in areas not limited to technology or Silicon Valley: Bi-Rite Owner Sam Mogannam, for example, lands on the list at #86 right next to the always-hilarious Aziz Ansari for churning out sales-per-square-foot numbers that rival an Apple store.

Without further ado, your list of Bay Area creative geniuses:

2. Rebecca Van Dyck, Head of Consumer Marketing, Facebook
8. Ben Horowitz, Cofounder, Andreessen Horowitz
16. Laura Mather, Cofounder, Silver Tail Systems
20. Steve Lee, Product Management Director, Google [X]
21. Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Manager of Social Innovation, Twitter
39. Tim Schafer, Founder, Double Fine Productions
53. Anand Rajaraman & Venky Harinarayan, Coheads, WalmartLabs
66. Danny Trinh, Designer, Path
67. Lee Linden, Cofounder, CEO, Karma
70. Ren Ng, Founder/CEO, Lytro
86. Sam Mogannam, Owner, Bi-Rite