San Francisco's public enemy #2, got a bizarre shout-out from popular culture last Thursday night, courtesy of the award-winning writers of NBC's 30 Rock. As Jenna Maroney attempts to find a sponsor for her upcoming wedding, her trashy inner Florida Panhandle girl finally gets the best of her, causing her to lash out against some Muppet look-alikes with a knock-off Louboutin. It's Must See TV, especially for anyone who needs an even more ridiculous reenactment of last month's depressing shoe crime.

Anyhow, pardon our tardiness with this one. We don't generally get around to cleaning out our DVR queue until we're afflicted with a Sunday afternoon hangover. Enjoy:

And of course, the thrilling conclusion, in which Jenna becomes spokes woman for

Update: Over at GrubStreet, they've gotten word from Tina Fey's publicist that the Louboutin scene was "just a coincidence."

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