For some San Francisco city officials today was just another beautiful day to ride a bike to work, but for District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim today marked her first solo expedition on Bike to Work Day. City Hall/bike activist watchdogs will remember Supervisor Kim spent the last couple of Bike to Work days looking sharp on the back of a tandem bike. This year, however, Kim finally took off her training wheels for a spin through the city's bike lanes.

Wrote Supervisor Kim of her life-changing experience:

It was the perfect morning for a bike ride through the District on my way to work. We hit new protected bikes lanes on Division, as well as 17th Street and Market & 10th, where it would be great to get a bike box for cyclists turning left into our upcoming contra bike lane on Polk! It was great to get my PUBLIC Bikes out onto the road on my way.

(Public Bikes, we should note, are a locally based bicycle company and apparently a sponsor of Team Kim.)

Anyhow, Kim's colleagues on the Board of Supervisors also made two-wheeled arrivals at City Hall today. Castro Supe Scott Wiener looked like he was in grave danger of getting his lengthy necktie caught in the spokes. Marina Supervisor Mark Farrell, meanwhile, made it over the hill from District 2 with his hair perfectly intact and not a fleck of perspiration on him.

From District 9, Supervisor David Campos arrived in a summery khaki blazer looking a little strained, while his counterpart from D11 John Avalos has his bike-to-work routine down to a science ever since his unsuccessful Mayoral run last year. Likewise, Board President David Chiu seemed to roll in to Civic Center, grinning like a total boss.