Each morning we watch/listen to KRON 4 Morning News via Ustream. Imagine our sheer terror at not being about to hear anchorwoman Justine Waldman for a good chunk of the morning after the their Ustream page fell victim to a massive DDoS attack. In fact, all of Ustream was temporarily janked due to planned multiple attacks targeting Russian opposition channels on Ustream.

TechCrunch has more:

A Ustream spokesperson says that the attacked is targeted on user “reggamortis1″, a prominent protestor’s live Ustream channel. ”He has been broadcasting from a large protest at the ‘China Town’ metro stop in Moscow.” Ustream says that this is the third major DDoS attack on Ustream in the last six months related to a Russian citizen journalist, and the biggest DDoS attack it has ever had. The site is now gradually coming back up.

Boasting over 55 million unique visitors a month, Ustream allows live video streaming of events online. Ustream claims that, according to TechCrunch, "it has never seen an attack of this scale on its worldwide data centers."