For their latest publicity stunt, locally-based on-demand car service Uber is rolling out a new service that is less focused on getting taxi-weary riders to their tequila bar of choice and more about bringing the party to them. On Friday, May 4th, Uber will have three SUVs transporting roving mariachi bands around San Francisco. Bringing one to your particular party, bar or street corner promises to be as simple as using Uber's (debatably overpriced) ride service.

From Uber's blog announcement:

How much does this instant fiesta cost? A $100 in-app payment (pesos not accepted) gets you:
  • 1 song performed by a Mariachi band
  • A bottle of Heaven aka Tres Agaves margarita mix (BYOTequila)
  • 1 piñata full of mystery and wonder

The three mariachi groups will be around town between Noon and 5 p.m. on Friday only, which we suppose makes this a good idea if you want to surprise your co-workers with an afternoon margarita happy hour. (You'll still have to provide the ice and tequila though.)

Of course, if you're anywhere in the Mission on the weekend of Cince de Mayo, you could always just flag down any one of the many talented musicians in the neighborhood through the time-honored cash-in-the-hat method. That would work too. And probably won't cost you a Benjamin.

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