General Strike Day is well under way over in downtown Oakland, and we've got this almost-live picture of the scene, shot moments ago by SFist intern Owen. It's basically a street party right now, with music blasting and folks tooling around on their bikes. Elsewhere in town we think there are more specifically political/antagonistic actions taking place — at least one tweet from journalist Thomas Peele informs us of a march up 4th Street, near Jack London Square, that went past popular OPD cop bar The Warehouse, in which a marcher snatched the bar's American flag. Below, a quick video of the scene at 14th and Broadway as of 11 a.m.

Update: The crowd, after gathering around 14th Street, marched down Broadway toward 19th Street, and some scuffles with police have already begun. Oakland North tweets that at least one protester was pushed to the ground by riot cops and detained, and that tear gas has been employed.

Update 2: Things are clearly getting a bit more heated, and as always in Oakland over the past couple of years, you get a bunch of protesters downtown, the cops will bring out tear gas, and things will devolve into burning garbage cans after dark. Probably.