There weren't any Louboutins flying, but there was an upturned chair, accusations of living in the Marina, and references to 'Mean Girls' following a recent gathering of the eighteen women who are all running for seats on the Democratic County Central Committee, for which there's an election on June 5. A couple of self-described progressives on what was to be a "womens' slate" of candidates ended up storming out of the meeting because they had failed to come up with the $1,000 apiece that was agreed upon to print up slate cards, and then were made to feel bad about it.

City Insider's Heather Knight reports on the kerfuffle, which included an upturned chair, someone screaming "shut up!," and Supervisor Malia Cohen taking a firm stance that everyone had to "pay to play" with this womens' slate thing.

It's basically just another progressives-vs-moderates battle which women's slate founder Alix Rosenthal chalks up to the male-dominated political arena in this town which created the dichotomy. Of course, Cohen doesn't help matters by suggesting the progressive newcomers (Wendy Aragon and Kelly Dwyer) probably shouldn't be running for office in the first place if they can't raise $1,000.

Who knew the race for Democratic County Central Committee was going to be so dramatic!?