Proven to be such a shoot-from-the-hip, anything-goes, oh-my-god-did-he-really-just-say-that kind of guy, former San Francisco Mayor and now Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom landed his very own talk show on Current TV, reports Ms. Carla Marinucci. And we couldn't be more elated. The show will feature the Gav interviewing exceptionally wealthy people who have a disproportionate amount of power in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and in politics. A mutual fellatio festival of money and fame, so to speak. Hold onto your barf bags. It's going to be a perfectly-coifed ride.

The press release from Current TV explains: "The hour-long talk show will have a decidedly California touch as Newsom interviews notables from Silicon Valley, Hollywood and beyond." Produced by Mia Haugen a former executive at The Street and CNN, the show will be cleverly titled The Gavin Newsom Show.

This is all a bid to get Newsom in the Governor's seat as soon as Jerry Brown leaves office. Because that throne is his. We all know it's his. Whether you like it or not. Why, even a former U.S. Vice President can't stop swooning over Newsom. Can you blame him?

"Gavin Newsom is a courageous leader who has boldly seized every opportunity to create positive social change,” said Current TV founder Al Gore, in between polishing his Oscar and Nobel Prize, adding, "First as a successful entrepreneur, then in his role as Mayor of San Francisco, and now as Lieutenant Governor, Newsom touches many worlds - business, politics, entertainment and activism. We are honored that Current TV will be bringing his curiosity, intelligence, insights and enthusiasm to television."

If only the cafe that prepares our morning bagel with cream cheese would lay it on this thick.

Anyway, the only way this show will be truly successful is if it liberally features his wife, former SFist commenter Jennifer Siebel-Newsom, on each episode to give thoughtful yet concerned looks when the camera pans her way. The Robin to his Dr. Phil, if you will. Look for SFist to recap each episode. In the meantime, follow @GavinOnCurrent for more details as they become available.