A fellow named Michael, who may or may not be officially affiliated with the Occupy movement, jumped down onto the BART tracks at 24th Street Station yesterday afternoon and was almost hit by a Daly City-bound train. As Mission Local reports, people on the platform waved their arms at the BART driver who managed to halt the train as it entered the station, stopping only a few feet from Michael, who was wearing a shirt that said "Viva la Revolucion." It's unclear whether or not he was intoxicated.

This all happened around 4 p.m. Sunday. Michael shouted things like "I represent the 99 percent of American middle-class workers," and "You have the power!" and was generally grumpy with heckling bystanders while pacing the tracks, prior to police arriving. As you can hear in the video above, some smart aleck says, "Where's your guitar?" and Michael replies, "I don't have one but I do play."

BART managed to shut off the third rail before Michael brazenly went to sit on it. He told police he refused to get out of the way of the train until news cameras arrived, and that he had committed this act of suicidal disobedience because he was tired of sleeping on the streets the last six years.

The SFPD were on the scene within minutes, and had handcuffed and removed Michael within about ten minutes. The incident caused BART delays of about twenty minutes.

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