Giants closer and bowling alley entrepreneur Brian Wilson will be sitting the bench for the rest of the season, the budding lawn ornament model confirmed to local baseball scribe Andrew Baggerly today. After walking off the mound with a fake ankle injury in last Thursday's close save against the Rockies, Wilson admitted today that he'll need reconstructive surgery on his right elbow that will "almost certainly" put him out for the rest of the season.

As Wilson explained in the interview [video embedded below], he's not feeling too negative about the diagnosis even though it's very unlikely that he will get to throw at all this season. This will be Wilson's second Tommy John surgery, but Number 38 — who's got bravado in spades — is confident he'll be back with the Giants. "I'm not worried about coming back at all," Wilson told Baggerly. "It’s not even a question. I’ll be back pitching." When asked about the Giants prospects without him this season, Wilson explained humbly, "I think we’re going to take the West no matter what, whether I’m here or not... I'm not going to sit here and say I’m the savior and things are going to fall apart. No, not at all."

Anyhow, since this is Brian Wilson we're talking about here, we don't expect him to disappear from the public eye for the rest of the season. Although he probably won't be putting in any games at Lucky Strike with all this new free time, Wilson joked with NBC Bay Area that he will be joining Kruk and Kuip in the broadcaster's booth, where he'll be shooting for an Emmy rather than another World Series Ring. Actually, we'd be more surprised if Wilson didn't show up in the dugout wearing something ridiculous.

Here's the full video of Wilson's interview with NBC Bay Area: