During a harrowing incident in San Leandro on Tuesday night, a woman driving with her mother became stuck on the train tracks after mistakenly assuming the tracks were a street. With an oncoming train heading their way, the daughter quickly jumped out of the vehicle. Attempts to pull her mother out of the car, however, proved futile. The train collided with the car and killed 56-year-old Pei Chuan Haung.

"The daughter was driving east on Williams Street when she made a right turn onto the tracks that parallel San Leandro Boulevard" reports The Chronicle. "It was raining at the time, and the woman apparently thought she was turning onto a street."

The train rammed the car, pushing it about a quarter-mile until it came to a stop south of Castro Street, near San Leandro Boulevard. The Daily Review notes, "Alameda County firefighters and officers from San Leandro and Union Pacific police discovered the woman had been ejected from her vehicle."

No one else was injured during the incident.