Teenagers. They are horrible, hormone-rattled creature who want to cause harm. Take, for example, an alleged mugging that recently occurred in the city's Mission District. The Fog Bender reports (via Mission Mission) that, while passing through Clarion Alley the other night en route home, three teenagers assaulted and attempted to rob the noted blogger. Not cool. He writes:

I got off work at midnight and went to the bar for a drink. I had about 3 beers before i decided to leave. Walked my bike up Clarion alley and was confronted by 3 kids who couldn’t have been older than 18. They ran up to me and started throwing punches and actually knocked me down and kicked me in the head a few times before i got up and started scrapping with them. I picked up my bike and started swinging it at them saying “you wanna fuck with me?” One of them threw a half empty plastic bottle of Coke at me. My shoe had fallen off and i remember picking it up and standing in the middle of the road watching them run back the way they came. I stood there for a minute in silence watching them run before I put my shoe back on and picked up my bike. My head was bleeding and I didn’t notice that my hat was missing until i got to my girlfriends house. I took a picture of myself in the bathroom with blood dripping down my face and chest and realized that I look kinda good all bloody and shirtless.

We commend Fog Bender on both his quick thinking and use a weaponry. We hope he's feeling better, physically and mentally. No word if any arrests were made.

[Mission Mission]