Late last week we heard that City Treasurer Jose Cisneros had heeded the call of hotel unions and the Tenants Union to impose the city's 14% hotel tax on AirBnB rentals. Now we're getting that there's a movement afoot to tax all kinds of things associated with our web-fueled, underground economies, like TaskRabbit income, and this homeless guy we wrote about last year who gives walking tours of the Tenderloin for a little extra cash. Really, S.F.? Has it come to this?

The Chron reports on a recent SPUR gathering on our "sharing economy" which included some input from Supervisor David Chiu and AirBnB rep Molly Turner, among others. Cisneros's memo just landed last week, but Mayor Lee has asked Cisneros to hold off adopting the new regulation regarding AirBnB, presumably while this gets debated further.

Vayable is another site that would likely incur this "cottage industry" tax, should the Supervisors decide to impose one. The site is the one used by 51-year-old Milton Aparicio who makes about $200 a month giving his Tenderloin tours, and it's used by others like Milton who want to offer "unique experiences" to travelers and others.

Gawd — pretty soon they'll be coming after us to pay sales tax on the mattress we sold for $50 on Craigslist.