Draw Something, the game that local game-builder Zynga just paid $180 million to acquire from a smaller company, is already losing users according to a new report. Maybe it's because drawing with your finger on a tiny screen is kind of hard! And time-consuming!

Draw Something, which if you haven't played it is a game in which you draw things, and then watch others draw things, and try to guess what it is. It's Pictionary, but with your finger, and just one other person. And it can be kind of slow going, watching all those drawings, especially when you have five games going and you're drawing things like pigeons and squids. Also, we can't draw.

The app by game maker OMGPOP was called the "hottest app on the planet" and one pundit seemed to think in the frenzy that it could have sold for $1 billion. Really?

$180 million is kind of a lot to spend for a game, don't you think? Especially when we all bore of these things so quickly?

In any event, it's a game, and it will be forgotten soon.

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