Easter, a popular holiday with both religious and secular types, is this Sunday, April 8th — in case you, like the rest of us who don't call their mothers often enough, were wondering when that was. To commemorate the yearly fertility ritual, SF Rec and Parks Department is throwing a psychedelic Alice In Wonderland-themed "Eggstravaganza" in Golden Gate Park.

The event, which boast this trippy flyer you see here runs, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Golden Gate Park's ">Sharon Meadow near the Children's playground. In addition to usual rites of Spring like egg hunts, there will be carnival rides, and jumpy houses. (The city really ought to ban all park parties that don't have a jumpy house, inflatable castle or other such moonbounce atttraction.) Also, we hear the Police Department and the Fire Department will be competing against each other in a rib cook-off, if you want to see some of San Francisco's finest compete in feats of pig smoking.

Only eight bucks per person, and it even comes with this delightfully lo-fi preview commercial. It's good to see that such low budget commercials haven't died off in the face of the Internet:

Via: RichmondSF