At the risk of ruining the start of the work week, we have some worrisome casting news: Ashton Kutcher, star of That ’70s Show and Two and a Half Men, will play Steve Jobs in an upcoming indie flick. The movie, tentatively titled Jobs, will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern and written by Matt Whiteley. It will center around Jobs's life "from his relatively wayward youth to his involvement in the creation of Apple," notes NYT.

Variety says filming will begin in May.

For many Apple fans, Kutcher as Jobs is downright terrifying, bordering on heresy. Only a reincarnate of Laurence Olivier would be suitable casting for some Mac sect members. Then again, as you can see, Jobs and Kutcher are pretty similar appearance-wise. It could be a brilliant choice. Or it could be another The Butterfly Effect. The last actor to portray the former Apple cofounder was ER's Noah Wylie in the 1999 docudrama Pirates of Silicon Valley.

More importantly, who will play Woz?