Here's a problem we didn't know was a problem: recycling theft. All those little Asian ladies and various other scavengers who go around pulling bottles and cans and cardboard out of bins in order to profit from the trash themselves at scrap yards are depriving Recology of $5 million a year! Also, some residents are up in arms over the noise and trespassing happening when these brazen trash thieves pillage their discarded belongings.

Supervisor Christine Olague has requested a hearing on the matter, and this harkens back to Scott Wiener's similar issue of last year involving the "unsavory characters" who cluster around the Castro Safeway and the adjacent bottle-and-can redemption center.

Also, this issue is starting to sound like just one of many plaguing the gentrified during this here Great Recession, on top of the fryer grease and copper wire thievery that's also been running rampant. It's hard out here for a scavenger, yo.