Five family members were reportedly found dead around 7:45 this morning inside a home on the first block of Howth Street, near City College.

Early reports this morning, via a police department spokesperson, were that there had been a single homicide, and the body count has just been reported by CBS as five.

This would mean that S.F.'s murder count for the year just jumped to 13 today.

UPDATE: The Chron is reporting that the five victims were related, and that a female family member discovered the scene this morning. In total, three women and two men were found dead.

The Weekly reports that it was a 12-year-old girl who came upon the scene this morning, and the victims were her parents, her brother, and her brother's wife, though it's unclear who the fifth victim was.

The identities of the victims are not known at this time, however according to ownership records of the home at 16 Howth Street discovered by SFist, the victims may have been Asian.

UPDATE (12:10 p.m.): The Chron now has some photos of investigators on the scene in this "quiet" Sunnyside neighborhood. The Weekly confirms that the family was Asian, and notes that the police are continuing to investigate what they describe as a "violent" scene. No suspects are at large.

UPDATE: Sunday, 7:15 pm): Police make arrest.