Topping the headlines this morning relating to embattled Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi we have a somewhat damning piece in the Chronicle by Ivory Madison's husband, Abraham Mertens. He tells of multiple phone calls from neighbor Eliana Lopez, with Mirkarimi audible in the background, asking his wife to destroy evidence (that video), and he's clearly angry at the ordeal that Madison and his family have been put through by Mirkarimi's attorneys throughout this case. He says, among other things, that Mirkarimi should resign, and, "It's bad enough my family has to live next door to him."

He tries to put to rest any ideas that Madison was part of any vast moderate conspiracy against Mirkarimi, and says that she only became embroiled in this media circus and trial because she is "always there for friends. Unfortunately, by being a friend to Eliana, Ivory unwittingly became a key witness in this case."

Meanwhile, we have C.W. Nevius predicting that Mayor Ed Lee will be making an announcement today "that he's charging Mirkarimi with official misconduct." Whether this will trigger a lengthy, more dramatic circus, pitting progressives against moderates in Ethics Commission and Board of Supervisors hearings, or whether it will encourage Mirkarimi to resign remains to be seen.

And Fog City Journal tells us that Eliana Lopez will be giving a press conference today at noon outside Bill Graham Auditorium to finally tell her side of the story — at least what she wants known of it.
UPDATE: Lopez failed to show up at her own press conference, probably in light of the fact that Mirkarimi got an ultimatum from Mayor Lee and might be resigning today regardless. According to Lopez's attorney, she feels "attacked and used," still loves her husband, and is "about to have a nervous breakdown," and couldn't handle facing more "terrible, oppressive, unfair" media scrutiny. [@SovernNation]

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