Part of what makes Apple's fandom so rabid is the act and art of opening up a new Apple product. Like mainlining heroin, it's a quick high that the buyer can never reach again no matter how long or hard they use the doohickey itself. Apple is smart like that. A first look at the new iPad being unboxed, touched, and caressed comes to us from Vietnam, where users got their hands on an LTE-capable model days ahead of Friday's official launch, notes Apple Insider.

"You can feel free to hate the geeks at the Vietnamese site, who always seem to get their hands on new Apple products early," reports Venture Beat. "The site has published the first unboxing video for Apple’s new iPad, and while it doesn’t seem all that different from unwrapping past iPads, it’s still fun to live vicariously through the thrill of’s crew.":

Salivate below: