Mission Bicycle Company, which is known for being: A) located on Valencia Street and B) producing colorful custom fixed-gear bicycles, is branching out their product line to something far more utilitarian: a bicycle with multiple gears and a full set of brakes. Or, as Mission Bicycle Co. put it in a blog post: a bike "uniquely designed for city riding" rather than say, one designed for the velodrome.

The production of one new bicycle model from one of literally hundreds of manufacturers isn't really the newsworthy item here — bikes roll off of assembly lines from here to Taiwan daily, of course. Rather, the important takeaway is that one of the city's retro-nouveau, back-to-basics tastemakers decided to create something less painfully hip and more practical and pedestrian. A promising trend, to be sure, but we don't think anybody will be holding out for Four Barrel to start pouring instant coffee.

Anyhow, Mission Bicycle Co. is doing pre-orders of the new bike, dubbed the Sutro, through Kickstarter. Here's their cute littler commercial/love story to go along with it:

The Sutro from luis pena on Vimeo.

(Full disclosure: this SFist Editor once owned a fine piece of machinery from Mission Bicycle Company, but it was stolen. Wamp-waaaah.)