23-year-old Randolph Ang, who ran down 68-year-old tourist Dionette 'Didi' Cherney on his bicycle last July, ultimately causing her death, was sentenced yesterday to three years probation and 500 hours of community service, in lieu of jail time, for vehicular manslaughter. The grieving family of Cherney, who spent a half hour in court reading from emails and letters from Cherney's friends and family, approved the plea deal and agreed that jail time would do no good.

Instead, Cherney's husband, Colburn Cherney, requested mercy in the sentencing and saying he hoped Ang would become a bicycle safety advocate.

Ang apologized profusely and said his actions were "careless" that morning of July 15, when he was rushing to get to work and struck Cherney, who was walking with her husband at Embarcadero and Mission. She later died from her injuries on August 11.