The massive Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant beneath the Bay Bridge on the Embarcadero will close at the end of April, Inside Scoop reports. When it opened twenty years ago, the waterfront outpost was only the chain's third location. Now that Gordon Biersch has gone global with a location in Taiwain and a handful in airports around the country, local folks thirsty for a wheaty beers and mounds of garlic fries will have to find them either inside AT&T park or at the airport for the time being.

According to folks with the company, Gordon Biersch couldn't agree to new lease terms with the landlords at the Hills Brothers Coffee Building and will be giving up their prime waterfront spot. The brewery chain, which claims to be "the largest brewery restaurant-bottling brand in the world", will be on the lookout for a new location elsewhere in the area, so good luck to them on getting a better deal on 10,000 square feet of restaurant space.

In the meantime, San Francisco isn't exactly hurting for breweries in our dining scene: 21st Amendment seems to be doing just fine closer to the ballpark, Magnolia is rarely not filled to capacity, Southern Pacific Brewing sprouted in the Mission a couple months back, Barrel Head Brew House is coming to Divisadero this year, and "Nanobreweries" are officially a thing we have now. As for those Gordon Biersch beers — those are still available in your grocer's beer aisle.