Yuppie-hipster reduction sauce Dolores Park was filled to the rim with skin this weekend after warm temperatures brought out all kinds of denizens to the park—namely, those who loudly prefer bacon and those who loudly prefer seitan. Of the former control group, Facebook founder Mr. Mark Zuckerberg was found sunning his buns in the city's most popular park on Sunday—or so says Twitter user Jacob Sempler. Behold:

Dale Larson, who describes himself as an "executive coach to startup founders and leaders," also chimes in, saying, "Just ran into Mark Zuckerberg at Dolores Park. Fabulous day, packed to the gills with skimpily clad folks getting sun!" Rumor also has it Zuckerberg was kicking it in skid row for most of the weekend, spending time at The Royal Cuckoo on Friday. He was even spotted walking on 29th Street. Exciting stuff. See, the Mission really is the new Valencia Street!

Meanwhile, MySpace founder Tom Anderson, who, sadly, was never given the David Fincher treatment, was on a boat in Honolulu. Meh.

UPDATE: A reader, wishing to remain anonymous, gave SFist this photo of Zuckerberg in the park on Saturday. So, both Sunday and Saturday? Well, that's quite a weekend. We hope he wore his SPF.

[via Uptown Almanac]