MUSIC: Jazzy, folky, punky, bluesy crooner Jolie Holland, who sounds like, as Flavorpill describes it: "[T]hink Joanna Newsom with a Billie Holiday in her throat," will headline the Swedish American tonight. Also featuring Will Sprott of the Mumlers, Dreams, and Emily Jane White. (8 p.m., Swedish American Hall, 2170 Market Street)

LITERARY: This month's Literary Death Match will feature "San Francisco's 2002-2006 poet laureate, Devorah Major (author of Black Bleeds into Green and Amour Verdinia/Verdinia Amour), literary mayhemist Jesus Angel Garcia (author of badbadbad), non-fictionist Laura Barcella (editor of Madonna and Me), and flame-spitting activist Josh Healey (Hammertime)," being judged by San Francisco Chronicle columnist Leah Garchik, ZYZZYVA editor Oscar Villalon, and "the World's Greatest Entertainer" Bud E Luv. (6:30 p.m., Beatbox, 314 11th Street)

COMEDY: EndGames Improv presents its main stage company The Recchia's free weekly series, Your F!#&ed Up Relationship, "an entirely improvised comedy inspired by your ridiculous, REAL relationships. We've all had at LEAST one. You tell us your amazing stories, we show you ours. You laugh, we laugh, we all hook up at the end. KIDDING! Maybe." (10:30 p.m., The Alcove Theater, 414 Mason Street)