Part of San Francisco International Airport was evacuated a little before noon today after authorities discovered a suspicious package in a screening area. The closure shut down Terminal One, boarding area C, the Delta Airlines terminal.

“The package went through one of the X-Ray machines,” airport spokesman, Mike McCarron told CBS 5. “The operator didn’t like what they saw as far as what was inside the package, asked for assistance, and it was very suspicious.”

According to AP, "passengers are being redirected to other boarding areas, then bussed to their Delta flights...some flights have been delayed because of the lockdown." And while a very serious manner, today's SFO closure isn't nearly as interesting as what happened at JFK Airport. According to Gothamist, "An individual who had been flagged by the TSA and was asked for a secondary screening apparently walked away around 5:20 a.m., causing security to shut down Terminal 7, clear it out, and then re-screen all the passengers." This caused The View's Sherri Shepherd to go on a delightful Twitter rant.

The package and the package's owner are now under investigation. SFO has yet to open the terminal. We'll update as soon as they do.

Below, CBS 5 report:

Update: The terminal has since reopened.