There is no end in sight for the SFMTA's budget woes, and at today's board meeting they will discuss various proposals for closing an estimated $20 million shortfall this year and $34 million shortfall next year. One of the ideas on the table: extending parking meter hours into the evening, and doing away with free Sundays at metered spots.

The agency has already made a number of cuts, reducing budget deficits significantly, and they plan to cut salaries and benefits by $2 million to $6 million.

Last year the SFMTA rolled out the SFPark Program, featuring fancy modern meters with demand-adjusted rates based on time of day and availability. That has apparently not done enough, revenue wise, in the parking sector.

We suppose this isn't a good time to suggest they overhaul the entire computer system that operates the Muni underground and which manages to create backups every rush hour and seems to crash completely on a regular basis, paralyzing the entire city. That will probably have to wait.


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