Remember that time Buster Posey broke his leg? We all do. It was harrowing. We cringed for days. Now with a new season on the horizon and spring training already underway down in Scottsdale, Giants manager Bruce Bochy has issued a new edict to his catching staff, including our favorite dreamcatcher/father of two: Don't block the plate this season.

As Bochy told a group of pitchers and catchers at the first day of spring training yesterday, it's his job as manager to keep his guys out of harm's way. Or, in other words: he doesn't want anyone thinking Posey is afraid to stand up to another railroading at home plate, but he doesn't want the young catcher breaking anything else important either.

Anyhow, Buster has been taking some catches with Tim Lincecum before workouts started at camp, but Bochy is still deciding whether or not the star catcher will be on the field for the Cactus League opener on March 3rd. "That's something we're going to play by ear, and if it is something I can do, I'll be fired-up about that," Posey modestly told the Chronicle, "If it's not something I can do, it's not the end of the world, either."

CBS5 has the report from Scottsdale: