As you know, San Francisco's honorary Granddad was celebrated in a ceremony at City Hall earlier today. While the emergency warning siren might have failed to entertain us, the San Francisco Boy's Chorus, the San Francisco Girl's Chorus and the Gay Men's Chorus repeatedly belted out San Francisco's unofficial theme song for the lucky folks who managed to squeeze in to the dome room of City Hall.

During the ceremony, emceed by the voice of the voice of the San Francisco Giants, Renel Brooks-Moon, Mayor Ed Lee declared February 14th, 2012 Tony Bennett Day in San Francisco before handing over a key to the city. The ceremony also included an awkward DVD tour of Tony Bennett memories throughout the city, led by San Francisco Ambassador Charlotte Shultz and featuring video cameos from Willie Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and the footman from the Fairmont Hotel.

Mr. Bennett himself sat quietly through the proceedings and, disappointingly, didn't sing the trademark song himself — but he did make it a point to tell crowd that the childrens choirs were, "some of the most beautiful" he'd ever heard.