Mission Bicycle recently unveiled via Facebook a bicycle for children named after the area's neighboring 'hood, Noe Valley (a neighborhood stereotypically teeming with families and lesbians and lesbians with families) called "The Noe." Cute, right? Well, according to the Mission Bicycle employe SFist spoke with today, it's a joke. Said employee claimed it was a potshot at poor, innocent Noe Valley. Heh. Then again, the Mission District also bubbles over with, dare we say, native Latino kids residing in many, many parts of the Mission. But that's... well, it's not something any self-respecting Zeitgeist-going, Brian Wilson beard-growing, Tartine-queuing young adult chooses to think about too much. Kills the magic, you know?

Mission Bicycle adds, "Our pre-orders were dismal so we've decided to scrap the project. And if you believe any of this we've got a timeshare we'd love to talk to you about."

Anyway, our good friends over at Uptown Almanac bring this adorable bit of humor to our attention. UA's Kevin Montgomery notes, "After years of exclusively selling fixies and single speeds to the neighborhood 20-somethings which the company was named after, the bike shop thought it wise to expand their reach to the burgeoning 'out-of-the-stroller-and-into-the-saddle' market up the hill."

Your move, Noe Valley.

[Via Mission Bicycle's Facebook page]