A 39-year-old cyclist is in critical condition after she was hit by a U.S. Postal Service mail truck on Clement Street yesterday evening. The cyclist, who was traveling east on Clement, apparently had the right of way at intersection of Clement Street and 18th Avenue, where there is only a two-way stop sign for North-South traffic. The mail truck was crossing Clement north on 18th Avenue when it struck the cyclist.

The cyclist suffered severe head trauma, according to the Chronicle. Her name has not yet been released and there's no word yet on whether or not she had been wearing a helmet. SFPD is still investigating the cause of the collision.

Sadly, there used to be a time when the Postal Service was the biggest name in cycling.

Update: The Chronicle has updated their story. Apparently SFPD initially reported the cyclist was in critical condition, but has now determined she suffered only minor injuries. She was not wearing a helmet, but was released from S.F. General an hour after the incident. SFPD spokesman Albie Esparza said the early word is that the postal service driver rolled the stop sign on 18th Avenue and was cooperating with police.