Yikes. The skeletons in Ross Mirkarimi's closet are starting to pile up in the case against the sheriff accused of domestic violence. In a late breaking report from KTVU yesterday evening, the news team brings word that a third woman is expected to step forward with even more accusations of physical abuse. According to KTVU's source the latest Mirkarimi ex allegedly went out with the former city supervisor several years ago.

The latest report comes just two days after Christina Flores, another ex-girlfriend of the former city supervisor, filed a police report alleging Mirkarimi "went into a rage about something, grabbed her arms, shook her, and pinned her against the wall." Mirkarimi's attorney confirmed yesterday that his client had a relationship with Flores, but that the two hadn't spoken in a couple years after the relationship "ended badly." Also speaking through his lawyer, Mirkarimi claims he has never committed any physical abuse against anyone he's been involved with.

While Ross' exes continue to come out of the woodwork, the new sheriff got a talking-to from Mayor Lee yesterday. Although the Mayor has voiced some concerns about Mirkarimi's ability to do his job while the trial is going on, he claimed he wouldn't pressure the sheriff to step down. Sure enough, Mirkarimi remained confident that he can fulfill his duties as sheriff just fine despite the three misdemeanor charges. Although Ross won't be stepping down from his post, he decided to forgo pay while the trial is going on, saying "I think it's only principled that I would not take pay while I'm in trial."

In addition to the missed pay, Ross has also been forced to turn over a couple of firearms due to the charges against him. In the court of public opinion, meanwhile, a recall effort on Facebook has a meager 31 "likes" on the social networking site and a "Toss Ross" online petition has 55 signatures as of this writing.

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