Apple reports its highest quarterly revenue and earnings ever, due in large part to sales of remarkable iPhone 4S. (We love our new white iPhone 4S more than anything else on Earth. This SFist editor and every privileged tween girl in SoCal thank you for the bitchin' phone, Apple!) "Apple's stock was up about 8% in after-hours trading about two hours after the market closed, which put its share price at $454," reports Information Week. "At that value, Apple's market capitalization stands at $423 billion, more than previous market cap leader Exxon Mobil, worth $418 billion."

Holy heck!

The Cupertino-based company saw revenue for the last quarter of 2011 jump 73% than the same quarter in 2010. "The company's net profit of $13.06 billion was more than Google's net revenue of $8.13 billion during the same quarter."

This news comes on the heels of the annual Macworld Expo, which kicks off tonight (for media only) and opens to the public on Thursday, January 26 until Saturday, January 28. We'll be there. Will you?