Yuck. It's cold. It's gray. Your head hurts. The sting of a Niners playoff loss is that much harder to suffer through under the fluorescent buzz of office lighting on a Monday morning. The knowing looks from other pickled Muni riders this morning were less than consolation — more of an acknowledgement of the city's collective hangover. But if there's a bright side (and there's always a bright side in San Francisco, it's just usually down there in Potrero Hill somewhere) it's that even the usual bearers of bad news are calling for a sunny end to the week.

Sure, we were glad when the rains finally hit — the hills needed a drink and we were seriously worried about what would happen to the economy in the Sierras if the current ski season were cancelled. But it rained throughout the weekend and that sunny spat on Saturday was a nice reminder that rain is really stupid. And wet. And we like being dry and warm so we can eat outside at sidewalk cafés in January and taunt our friends who stupidly moved back to New York. We sure can't berate them about football anymore. So: weather-wise, who's got it better than us?