In what's proving to be a race to the bottom for the current crop of GOP candidates, Rick Santorum—whose "Made In America" platform plan would prune corporate income taxes on manufacturing companies in order to keep jobs in the country—loves investing in overseas companies almost as much as he loves America. Much of his money goes to companies that outsource manufacturing work to factories in "China, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries."

Blomberg has more:

Of 18 publicly traded stocks listed in the former Pennsylvania senator’s most recent financial disclosure, six companies sell fiber-optic equipment and outsource production to overseas factories-for-hire or operate their own plants abroad.

The payroll at one of Santorum’s investments, Fabrinet Inc. (FN), last year included 5,300 manufacturing workers in Thailand, 1,200 in China and 30 in the U.S., according to its latest annual report.

In addition to recently using a confusing Goldilocks metaphor when describing his position among the remaining candidates, the noted post-coital lubricant froth namesake trails in the polls behind Ron Paul and everyone's favorite polyamorous bobblehead, Newt Gingrich.

Meanwhile, President Obama sings a few bars of "Let's Stay Together," which results in the country eating right out of his hands.