Bike commuters got a look at the SFMTA's plan for a new and (hopefully) improved bikeway on Fell Streets recently. The transportation agency has apparently heard your complaints, cyclists, and they get it — Fell Street is absolutely terrifying to bike on. So, like the successful experiment on Market Street, Fell Street will soon segregate cars and bikes with a separated bike lane.

SFMTA hopes to wrap up the first part of the bike lane improvements between Scott and Divisadero streets in time for Bike to Work Day on May 10th. (Although — grain of salt — that timeline was from last year.) What to do with east and westbound bike traffic West of Divis is still up for debate, but some bike activists are leaning towards a two-way bike lane in place of the current parking lane between Divisadero and the Panhandle. Two-way bike lane or not, all the possible plans will do away with the parking lane, which can't be popular with the internal combustion fans in the neighborhood who already circle the blocks looking for parking. the alternative, however, would be eliminating an entire lane of traffic on Fell.

If the two-way bike lane plan goes through, cyclists heading towards downtown from the Panhandle will split off down Divisadero for a block before getting dumped on to an Oak Street bike lane that will connect the whole thing to the Wiggle in the Lower Haight.

Streetsblog has the rundown of the potential plans with all the fancy planning documents for your perusal.

So what do we think, bike folk? Will those floppy white reflective pylons make you less terrified of Fell Street?