At around 6 a.m. today, a car drove into the Duboce Portal tunnel. Said automobile is now stuck inside the tunnel, effectively shutting down all underground Muni metro lines. SF Muni shuttle buses are in place between West Portal and Embarcadero until further notice.

"The driver traveled east almost all the way to the Van Ness Station before getting stuck in the narrow tunnels," reports The Chronicle. "It isn't clear why the SUV driver drove into the underground transit system at the entrance behind Safeway."

What's more, rain is in the forecast for later this morning. Hopefully, Muni service will be restored before the downpour hits. Brace yourselves, morning commuters. For alternate routes, please visit

Update: All service has been restored as of 8:35. Expect delays throughout the morning.

Update II: Seriously, stop trying to drive into metro tunnels, drivers. Sigh.