A man suspected of trying to murder his mother-in-law is in custody after U.S. Marshals found him living aboard a decommissioned aircraft carrier docked in Alameda. Todd Stuart of Washington State had been on the lam and was arrested yesterday.

Stuart was found aboard the USS Hornet, which is now a public museum. He was wanted for the first-degree attempted murder of mother-in-law Judy Hebert of Pasco, Washington, dating back to last March. We're not 100% clear on the facts of the case against Stuart, but Hebert allegedly died at the hands of Stuart's wife Tashia, 38, who is in custody for the crime. (She is going to plead not guilty, saying that she shot her mother in self-defense when Hebert came at her with an ax.) Todd Stuart allegedly left the home they shared with Hebert three days before her death.

Todd, Tashia, and their 7-year-old daughter had been living in Hebert’s home since January 2011. Todd Stuart reportedly left the house three days before Hebert’s death. He must have somehow tried to be in touch with someone in Pasco, because it was Pasco authorities who flew down here already knowing where to look for him.

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