Uptown Almanac brings to light several Facebook posts penned by alleged Mission rape suspect, Fred Dozier, 32. The most chilling part about Dozier's Facebook posts aren't his "Crime City" requests or his "2 thumbs up" for superb parenting, It's how seemingly normal they all are. (Typos notwitstanding.) For example:

January 3: "It back to work once again it time to make money and handle business and be thankful for everything that work hard for in life"

December 21: "I just want to say to my folks and love ones thanks for been in my life and keep my head up when I going threw thing and help me with my daily struggles in life... So stay strong everyone and keep get that money and live life to the fullest."

December 9 (Day after third rape at 24th and Fair Oakes): "just can't see how realationship [sic] in this time that we like wait call the present , that you can be with someone that you care for that you would do everything for right but you make a fatal move that can make thing all bad and thing will never go back to be the same so real about the one you with keep it soild [sic]and be a real a woman or male in the relationship."

December 6: "Life can be a struggle because If you are not ready for the world it can beat your ass down to ground and keep you there .. So what would you do going get down or lay down that the real question."

November 18 (Posted just hours before the assault at 24th and Potrero): "i just want to say to the father that are trying to be strong influnces [sic] in there kid or kids life i give you guys 2 thumbs up because it hard to be a boss king out here keep it real about what is your's and for the real mother that hold down and take the business without a father figure in the household i can say to every real mother keep being a boss queen outta here and keep it real and stay soild [sic] for real..."

According to an article on SF Appeal, Dozier worked at Green Streets, a company that manages and provides education on recycling and composting. Dozier spoke at an event for the program last May, which was attended by local bigwigs, including then-Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi.

The attacks occurred in the area of 24th Street between the Mission and Noe Valley. In the first reported instance on June 17 near 24th Street and South Van Ness Avenue, "[a] man approached the victim and dragged her about 60 feet to a spot where he robbed and sexually assaulted her." The second assault, Nov. 18 near 24th Street and Potrero Avenue, saw the suspect demand money from the. "When she did not give him any money, he took her to another spot nearby where he beat and sexually assaulted her." And the third attack happened near 24th Street and Fair Oaks Street early Dec. 8.

The San Francisco District Attorney's Office will file charges against Dozier today. He is scheduled for arraignment on Wednesday. Of course, we should point out that Dozier has yet to be proven guilty. Due process and the urging of a fair trial for rape suspects are tantamount for many a commenter, so we stress that, as of now, these are all allegations.