The fine folks at Twitter—specifically, the benevolent Isaac Hepworth—sent SFist images of their new 10th and Market headquarters now in progress. Among the many niceties the larger, Tenderloin-adjacent office will boast? A garden, stellar views from reception, and more space for the growing social media giant. While still in its skeletal stage, the new offices will be a boon to the area.

Twitter will move into art deco icon Market Square, completed in 1937, which was known formerly known as the Western Furniture Exchange and Merchandise Mart. (The place was packed on weekends with furniture bargain hunters and retailers.) If you recall, Twitter made national headlines after San Francisco approved a somewhat controversial tax break—one that would exempt the company from paying payroll tax on new hires provided the company promised to move to the city's neglected Mid-Market area.

Twitter's move should spur much-needed economic growth in the dingy, down-and-out area. The new headquarters should be ready for business later this year.