Six people were arrested during Saturday night's "Fuck OPD" march after protesters allegedly turned surly with riot officers. According to The Chronicle, "The showdown Saturday night happened at the corner of Ninth and Washington streets, just blocks from Oakland police headquarters and the scene of an Oct. 25 clash in which protesters had thrown paint at riot officers, prompting police to fire tear gas."

Police also claimed that, according to OO reporter Susie Cagle, occupiers "broke patrol vehicle windows, vandalized a media van, threw bottles at the police, & lit an object on fire."

However, Oakland Police were apparently not on their best behavior last night—or so said Occupy protesters and other advocacy journalists at the scene. Occupy Oakland noted,"OPD chasing protestors, beating ppl, making arrests, shooting rubber bullets." Also, according to Occupy Oakland reporter Justin Beck, further allegations of police abuse plagued the rally. Beck sent out the follow Twitter message last night, "Guy interviewed by @OakFoSho said he saw cops beat a man, breaking his leg, then cops beat a medic trying to help the man."

Hmm. We'll be sure to update if we hear anything about broken bones care of Oakland Police.

Allegations of broken limbs aside, the follow footage shows OPD surrounding a woman ("Leela") on her bike, pulling her off, and then allegedly "pummeling" her before she evades further authoritative action. According to YouTube user pfailblog, who captured the footage, "[A] woman and her bike were shoved to the ground. She was then surrounded by several OPD who pulled out billy clubs and pummeled her and her bike. A group of fellow protesters screamed at the cops and ran to her rescue. Though she was pulled away from the grips of the police, she and the group were chased down the street."

OakFoSho conducted this interview with "Leela" shorty after the incident. She confirms that, yes, she was beaten with batons after being pushed off her bike by police. She goes on to point out, "The crazy fucked up thing is that I was...hella passive tonight...they took my bike trailer...they took my cake."

Saturday's protest was an attempt to "call on the city and the district attorney to release political prisoners who have been thrown in prison, and who are accused of crimes no more severe than sitting peacefully in a public space." Sparked by several arrests at Frank Ogawa Plaza during the last few weeks, members organized a "March Against Repression," billed by Occupiers as "Fuck OPD."