San Francisco Police closed off streets around the intersection of Ninth and Brannan in SoMa around 11:10 p.m. last night after responding to reports of shots fired in the area. Officers arriving on the scene blocked off several streets in the area after more shots were fired from a roof on the Northwest corner of the intersection. The ensuing standoff lasted over two hours while an SFPD tactical unit and the SWAT team attempted to dislodge the shooters who were reportedly armed with an assault rifle.

No more shots were fired after the cops set up their perimeter, Bay City News reports. Police officers emerged from the building with two suspects in tow by 1:15 a.m. but remained on the scene to secure the area for a short while longer. No one was injured during the standoff.

During the standoff neighborhood residents couldn't reach their homes in the area. Others in the neighborhood were confined to nearby watering holes like The Stud where police reportedly kept patrons inside while the SWAT team rooted out the shooters. Apparently four cabs were also confined to an alleyway in the area and at least one citizen reporter was unable to reach her dog.