We know. There are at least ten of you out there who are SO OVER this you could die and you've just lost some modicum of respect for us. But chances are we've lost your respect hundreds of times in the last year, so what's one more time? It's a new year! Besides, there's something about this 'Shit ____s Say' meme that lends itself particularly well to Bay Area clichés, and since it's just not quite dead yet (despite our earlier prediction), we bring you these latest updates. Beginning with the above, which is bound to strike a few "funny-cause-it's-true" chords in S.F.: 'Shit Yogis Say.' Omg, our hips are so open right now.

And here's a Part 2 to last week's "Shit Vegans Say."

And here's kind of a funny one: 'Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls."