The story of Banana-Sam, the Squirrel Monkey reported missing from the San Francisco Zoo earlier today, seems to have taken the city by storm on this slow news day. Like any good viral sensation, this one has it's very own twitter account from which we can track Banana-Sam's crosstown exploits. If the little fella is to be believed (and why wouldn't we trust a tweeting monkey?), security out there at the Zoo was "laughably simple" to breach, but he still had to wait an hour for the L-Taraval before he could escape the Outer Sunset.

As of his last update, Banana-Sam was checking out the scene at the Rainforest Café, naturally:

Anyhow, if you spot the little guy around town, at the Rainforest Café or elsewhere, you should call the SFPD at 415-553-8090 to get the little guy home safe and sound, no matter how bad he wants to go get slammed on banana daiquiris at Trader Sam's.